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Austin Gamblers
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Jose Vitor Leme

Jose Vitor Leme

In the untamed heart of Brazil, where the spirit of the West runs wild and free, a legend was born. Jose Vitor Leme, a young bull rider, burst into the Western sports scene like a bolt of lightning. He embarked on an unforgettable journey from his homeland to the U.S., where, with sheer audacity and skill, he made his presence known by conquering the PBR World Finals with an awe-inspiring 6-for-6 performance.

From that moment, Leme etched his name in the annals of bull riding history. With every ride, he defied expectations. He has bulldozed through PBR's records recording an astonishing 98.75-point ride, the highest-marked in PBR history, and earning a perfect 50-point rider score.

But the path to greatness was not without its challenges. Inspired by his father, who was a former bull rider. Leme's journey began at the tender age of seven. Life took unexpected turns as his family sold their bulls, but Leme found solace in soccer and karate. Despite being away from bull riding for nearly a decade, his agile soccer skills became his secret weapon in the rodeo arena.

In 2017, Leme conquered the PBR Brazil, claiming both the PBR Brazil Championship and Rookie of the Year titles. His sheer dominance earned him a place in the Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Finals and an invite to the PBR World Finals as the top international contender.

The years that followed witnessed Leme consistently clinching victories and accolades. In 2020, he claimed the prestigious PBR World Championship, riding his way into the record books with a stunning 95.75-point ride.

In 2021, Leme solidified his status as one of the sport's all-time greats when he earned two historic scores of 97.75 and 98.75 points while riding the bull Woopaa. Leme's unparalleled achievements led to his second consecutive PBR World Championship, placing him among the select few multi-time titleholders. In 2022 and 2023, Leme secured back-to-back Regular Season MVP honors as well.

Leme's legacy stretches far and wide, reflecting not just his unrivaled talent but also his humble demeanor. In the arena, he is a force of nature, but off the bull, he remains a man of few words, allowing his actions to speak louder than any boast.

As the bull riding world continues to be enthralled by his presence, it is clear that Jose Vitor Leme is more than just a rider. He is a legend in the making.

Ezekiel Mitchell


Ezekiel “Blue” Mitchell, a star of the PBR docuseries “The Ride” on Amazon Prime Video, is known for his larger-than-life personality, sense of style, and million-dollar smile. Although he boasts a long list of awards and accolades now, Mitchell came from humble beginnings.

Growing up in Rockdale, Texas, as the son of an equine dentist, Mitchell didn’t get on any
animals as a child. Instead, his interest in the sport was sparked when traveling to various rodeo circuits with his father. From there, he began his education in the world of PBR by watching YouTube videos. Eventually, he traded in his track shoes and football uniform for chaps and cowboy boots. He studied top rides, made a drop barrel for practice, and attempted his first bull at the age of 16 before entering junior rodeos in Texas.

Fast forward to today, Mitchell is a beloved member of the Austin Gamblers as well as a two-time qualifier of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association (NIRA) Finals and a two-time Southern Region NIRA Champion. Along with 14 PBR event wins under his belt, Ezekiel is also a 5-time World Finals qualifier. Mitchell’s unwavering dedication to the sport and ability to engage any crowd makes him one of the best in the bull riding biz.
Ezekiel Mitchell
Dalton Kasel

Dalton Kasel

Dalton Kasel, hails from Muleshoe, Texas, and, from birth, has remained strong in the face of adversity. Born premature at only five pounds, Kasel can now claim some of the biggest rides in recent PBR history, earning him the nickname “Mr. 90-point.”  After getting on a rocking horse at the age of one, by the time he was three, he was acting as if the wooden equine were one of PBR’s rankest bulls. After attending his first riding camp at 11 years old, he got on his first bull at 14 and ultimately headed off to Howard College in Big Spring, Texas, and began competing on the college rodeo circuit.

Following a lacerated kidney in 2018, Kasel made his premier series debut in the second-half of 2019, covering his first-ever Unleash The Beast draw. He went on to record two 90-point rides and win one regular-season event before qualifying for his career-first PBR World Finals. Kasel caught the eye of many when he was crowned the 2019 PBR Rookie of the Year and brings with him a tenacity and spirit that rounds out the team.

Kasel currently resides near Stephenville, Texas, with his wife, daughter and his many bulls and cows.

Lucas Divino


Known for his prankster antics and fun-loving personality, Lucas Divino’s infectious good energy makes him a friend to everyone he meets. Hailing from Nova Crixas, GO, Brazil, and now residing in Decatur, Texas, Divino is one of the sport’s most tenacious riders. Within the last year, he has catapulted from unranked to No. 32 in the Unleash The Beast standings, earning his fifth PBR World Finals qualification.

While doing ranch work as a kid, Divino’s sense of adventure and willingness to venture into the unknown compelled him to go head-to-head with his first bovine athlete, a match-up he now faces regularly inside some of the world’s most famed arenas. After his first ride, Divino was hooked. At the age of 15, he knew he had the passion and skill to drop out of school and pursue his dream of becoming a professional bull rider.

​​Making his PBR debut in 2017 in Brazil, Lucas Divino had an electric season, finishing No. 2 in the national standings after winning two events, including a career-first on the nation’s elite tour in Divinopolis. Since then, Divino has skyrocketed, joining the Austin Gamblers during their inaugural season in 2022. He’s seen his fair share of wins and challenges and remains as charismatic and determined as ever.
Lucas Divino



With an electrifying smile and unwavering spirit, Salgado enchanted fans in 2021, etching his name in history with his brother Thiago as they triumphed at the PBR Pendleton Whisky Velocity Tour Championship. Hailing from a lineage of fearless bull riders, Adriano's father, Adriano Gonzalez Salgado, once rode bulls in Brazil before becoming a ranch hand to support the family. Growing up, the two brothers dreamed of riding in the U.S. and gracing the PBR World Finals stage.

In 2019, Adriano pursued his dreams in America, adapting swiftly and claiming victory on American soil. Bursting into the spotlight in 2021, he secured his spot on the elite Unleash The Beast tour and was crowned the 2021 PBR Velocity Tour Champion. His meteoric rise continued in 2022, earning him a spot in the PBR World Finals and leading the Missouri Thunder in the PBR Teams season.

Though facing challenges in 2023, Salgado's determination never wavered as he joined the ranks of the Austin Gamblers, setting his sights on the elusive PBR World Finals Championship and PBR Teams Championship. Through trials and triumphs, Adriano Salgado rides the waves of destiny, leaving a trail of triumph wherever he treads.
Adriano Salgado

Jean Fernandes Pereira


In the heart of Brazil, where the rhythm of samba meets the untamed spirit of the West, a rising star emerged from the dust. His name is Jean Fernandes Pereira - a cowboy born with grit in his veins.

From the start, it was evident that Jean possessed an unyielding talent for bull riding. In the vast arenas of Brazil's PBR, he conquered the fiercest beasts. His debut in June 2022 was nothing short of spectacular, as he clinched victory at the Brazilian Touring Pro Division event in Senador Canedo, announcing his arrival on the rodeo scene with a bang.

Back-to-back wins in Telemaco Borba and Aracoiaba da Serra in March 2023 showcased his unrelenting determination and fearlessness in the face of adversity. Four more Top 10 finishes added to his growing legend, making it clear that he was destined for greatness beyond the borders of his homeland.

After finding immediate success with the PBR in Brazil, Jean Fernandes Pereira caught the eye of the Austin Gamblers, who drafted him in the second round of the 2023 PBR Team Series Draft. Now competing in the United States, Pereira is ready to become the next great rider from Brazil, eager to compete for a gold buckle and Teams Championship.

Pereira’s core values of faith, discipline, courage, and focus drive him to be the best he can be every time he steps into the ring.

Claudio Montanha Jr.


Hailing from Brazil, a land known for its passion for rodeo, Claudio Montanha Jr. has already left an indelible mark on the sport, conquering the toughest bulls and capturing the hearts of rodeo fans worldwide.

Unlike many riders who started in the saddle from childhood, Claudio's journey to becoming a bull riding maverick began later in life. It was as if the West itself had beckoned him to saddle up and chase his dreams, defying odds and expectations. At the age of 16, Montanha Jr. climbed onto the back of his first bull and felt the adrenaline course through his veins like the rivers of his homeland. Claudio’s hunger for the rodeo life grew, and at 19, he took his rodeo dreams to the arenas of Brazil.

In 2017, he made his United States debut in the prestigious PBR's premier series - the Unleash The Beast. From the first ride, he made his presence known, earning respect with each eight-second display of sheer cowboy grit.

In the grand arena of rodeo dreams, Claudio Montanha Jr. has become a force to be reckoned with - a Brazilian bull riding marvel, an embodiment of the Western spirit, and a leader ready to guide the Austin Gamblers to victory. When the dust settles and the bulls are unleashed, keep your eyes on the fearless cowboy from Brazil, as he chases rodeo glory with the heart of a lion and the soul of a true Western warrior.
Claudio Montanha
Rafael Dos Santos

Rafael dos Santos

Rafael dos Santos burst onto the American scene in 2020 with a roar. From dominating amongst the PBR Brazil ranks to becoming a mainstay on the world’s top individual bull riding tour, PBR’s Unleash The Beast tour, Rafael has established himself as a talent to note. With a fearless spirit and a career studded with milestones, he's stormed his way to the PBR World Finals three times, proving that setbacks are just pit stops on his road to glory.

This Brazilian powerhouse, hailing from Sebastianópolis, joined the Gamblers in 2023 and knows how to light up an arena. With eight career 90-point rides on his resume in premier PBR competition, it is his 91.75-point ride on Blue Crush from Louisville, Kentucky, that remains his career-best.
Rafael has his sights set not only on an individual gold buckle, but also a PBR Teams Championship with the Austin Gamblers.

Bull riding runs deep in his blood. A second-generation rider, he first faced off with a bull at just eight years old under the watchful eye of his father, Roberto Antonio, also a professional bull rider in Brazil.

From his debut in 2016, he has excelled on Brazilian soil, soared through the ranks, and made his presence known in U.S. arenas. From winning events in Quirinópolis, Goiás, to bouncing back from a broken back and ribs to clinch a victory, Rafael’s journey is one of pure resilience. His three-straight Top 25 finishes on the premier Unleash The Beast tour are just a taste of what's to come.

This isn't just bull riding—it's a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping journey of grit and guts. Keep your eyes peeled for Rafael dos Santos; he's a force of nature on a path to bull riding glory.
Ramon De Lima

Ramon de Lima

Ramon de Lima, a South American cowboy with an easy smile and humble demeanor, is one of PBR's fiercest riders. From his ranch upbringing in Brazil to the electrifying arenas of the United States, de Lima's journey embodies grit and determination.

In 2016, he debuted at the Barretos rodeo in Brazil and later challenged the Touring Pro Division in the US. In 2017, Lima made a triumphant return, earning wins and qualifying for the World Finals, finishing 27th.

In 2018, he emerged as a top contender, becoming no. 1 in the world and winning his first PBR Major. The following years brought challenges, but Lima fought back, finishing 10th in 2019 and 23rd in 2020.

In 2022, he soared again, finishing inside the Top 20 and leading the Austin Gamblers to success. In 2023, he reached the Top 10, momentarily leading the World Finals standings.

Ramon de Lima's legacy grows with every ride, his relentless pursuit of a World Championship and PBR Teams Championship with the Austin Gamblers driving him forward. As this fearless cowboy continues his journey, his story remains etched in the rugged West.